Selasa, 20 Agustus 2013

Ajisoko Trading Co. Indonesia was established since year 2000, We had experience handle in export & import  natural resources about Mining, Agriculture, Chemical & Agro Chemical around the world. My Seller/Miner is already real & genuine with selective source, it also do for the Buyer, only real/genuine which can provide LOI with bank LC coordinate from end buyer will process to move next step.

Mission & Motto
We give excellent service, simple process ( no waste time) make satisfy all parties and get long relationship.

As a leading trading company in Indonesia

Product Strongest
Mining : Coal(coking coal, meta coal, steam coal, antracite coal), Petcoke, Iron Ore/pellet/fines, Gold dore bar/bullion,Copper ore/concentrate, Manganese ore, Chrome ore, Nickel Ore, Copper cathode, Copper wire Scrap Mildberry,  HMS, 

FUEL & Oil : D2,D6, Kerosen,JP54  LNG / LPG, RON, etc

Agriculture: Latex, Charcoal/Briquette,  Exotic animal skin, Mdf/Blacboard, Teak/Mahagony furniture, Mosquito coil, ,CPO(crude palm oil), CP8/10, Sunflower oil, Mustard oil, Soybean oil, Soybean meal/grain, Rice, Sugar icumsa/VHP, Yellow/white corn wood pellet, Wheat flour/milling, Tissue napkin, paper, Pineapple canned, Fresh ginger, Cocopeat block,  Cocoapowder, Soap noodle, Noodle, etc

Chemical/agrochemical: DAP, Urea, Ethylene glycol, Naptha, Methanol, Yellow sulfur, Melamine Powder,Hydrogen Peroxide,Purified Isophthalic Acid, Solvent, Bisphenol-A, etc 

Another service: Financing, Auditing & Tax consultant & service, Acquisition Bank consultant, Aircraft & property consultant,

Head office:
Ajisoko Trading Co. Indonesia
Tytyan Kencana blok E4 no 21-22 Margamulya Bekasi Utara West Java Indonesia post code:17142
T/F: +62218877940 mob/wa: +6287788710018,,
Skype/ym id:sartono_finance
Link Seller web:

Procedure & Term of payment:
1. Seller send SCO using WA/Skype/mail
2. Buyer send me formal Letter  of Intent (LOI) with bank LC info/coordinate by email/faxcimile
3. Seller send Formal offering price (FCO), all parties sign & stamp
4. Buyer send me a Irrevocable Contract Purchasing Order (ICPO)
5. Seller prepare Draft Sales Purchase Agreement (SPA)
6. Buyer prepare Draft LC & BLC (bank confirmation letter) / POF(proof of fund)
7. Seller prepare all doc (PB) & goods order 1-2 week notice after  sign
8. Seller info time delivery, packing list, invoice
9. process payment LC at sight 100% transferable

Our product:

(exotic skin)
(tissue napkin)
(mosquito coil)
                                                                    (cocoa powder)
(Small Fresh Ginger)

                                                          (Steam Coal)

                                                              (Coconut charcoal)
(MDF furniture)
(Soap noodle)
 (A4 copy paper 70/80gsm)
(wood pellet)
(coconut fiber)
(Log wood/Mdf)
(Pet coke)
(canned tuna)